Bespoke website

I can provide you with a tailored website to suit your needs.

E-Commerce solutions

Turn your website into an online shop and manage your shop from a user friendly control panel.

The shopping cart system I provide lets you update products, change prices, remove and add products. All from a control panel accessible from your browser.

You can specify stock levels and if a product sell out, any further customers will not be able to make a purchase. Instead of the buy button an out of stock message will be displayed.

Recommended products, your top sellers and new arrivals can also be shown along with many other features.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Having an online presents is only half the story. Only if it will appear in search engine results will potential customers be able to find it.

I take great care to give your site the boost it needs to appear on the first page of search engine results.


As well as creating the website, I can also provide you with quality images for the website.

With professional photo equipment I can cover anything from products on a white background, staff portraits, a photo shoot of your business premises interior and exterior.

Click here to view my photography website.


There are many readily available templates for blogs.

If you are look for something a bit different that will stand out, I can create a design that will function fully as a blog.

You will be able to update your news items, change pictures and reply to your viewers comments.

Your blog can be seamlessly integrated into any existing web design layout, so it will become an extension of your website.

Content Management System (CMS)

If you need to make frequent updates to text or images, I can build a content management system into your website.

I provide different levels of CMS from single galleries and news updates to creating additional content pages for the website.